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Welcome to Tuality
Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine

Tuality Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine provides comprehensive care for adult patients with lung disease (pulmonary medicine) and sleep disorders in the Portland metropolitan area.

Our model of care is centered on using evidence based medicine and advanced state of the art technologies to meet our patients’ needs.

We are the first to bring advanced lung procedures to the Portland area including Bronchial Thermoplasty for severe asthma and IBV valves for persistant air-leaks.

We serve as a regional training center for Superdimension Navigational Bronchoscopy and are one of only a few centers in Oregon to perform procedures for complex central airway obstructions.

Tuality Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine started the first Lung Cancer Screening Program in the greater Portland Area at Tuality Healthcare.

We are experts in evaluation and treatment of: